IT Management Conference

The IT Management Conference & Expo in New York City is seeking IT executives and senior-IT leaders to present - Oct. 14-16, 2009

The IT Management Conference will bring together the most influential IT leaders for three-full-days rich with energy and brainpower. As a speaker, you will have the unique opportunity to network and share knowledge with hundreds of other IT leaders, executives and business owners in a dynamic setting in the heart of Silicon Alley.

Topics of Interest

These are suggestions; presentations submitted on other relevant topics will certainly be considered.

IT Business Management

  • IT Project Management tools, tips & techniques
  • Methodologies and process improvement models (Agile, PMBOK, ITIL, Six Sigma, etc.)
  • Secrets of successfully managing an IT business
  • Keeping techies focused on the business goals
  • Using IT to effectively market IT (social networks, search engine marketing/optimization, etc.)
  • Tools and techniques of managing telecommuters and/or outsourced-work
  • Managing designers and other creative IT staff

Hybrid Biz-Tech Synergy

  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Balancing biz and tech needs and/or acting as liaison between the two
  • IT-based business models
  • Utilizing or integrating social networking
  • A-to-Z steps to building and launching a new web product/service
  • Business case for using and/or contributing to open-source
  • What non-technical management needs to understand about enterprise web technologies
  • IT best-practices

Hands-On Tech

  • The business impact of (or business case for) selecting a specific technology (PHP, Java, Rails, etc.)
  • Leading the development process
  • Managing system administration and/or datacenters
  • Security throughout the enterprise (servers, programming, development process, preventing social engineering, etc.)
  • Planning database architecture so that it can scale with the enterprise

Presentation Details

  • Sessions are 50-minutes total and should be 45-minutes long plus 5-minutes of Q&A at the end
  • All session slots have a 10-minute break afterwards allowing for a comfortable buffer if your Q&A goes overtime
  • You will have usage of a projector with connections for DVI (Digital) and D-Sub (standard VGA); you will need to supply the laptop to connect to it
  • All presenters are urged to keep a duplicate copy of their presentation files on a CD, thumbdrive or other portable medium as well as an additional copy on the Internet at a URL that you can remember. Taking these precautions assures that should your laptop be inaccessible for any reason you can borrow another one and continue your presentation with minimal interruption
  • You will be equipped with a wireless lavaliere microphone; you are encouraged (but not required) to bring a wireless means to control your presentation (remote control, wireless "presenter" device, cordless mouse, etc.)
  • You may mention your organization, service or product as part of your credentials, biography or related to the topic of your presentation if it will be of benefit to the audience, but anything resembling a sales pitch or infomercial is not allowed
  • Presenters and panelists will receive a complete 3-day conference access pass as well as discounted registration for coworkers
  • Travel/hotel reimbursement will be provided; local presenters will be provided with equivalent compensation (does not apply to sponsored-sessions and panelists)

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